She Thought It Was a Normal Trip to the Airport Until She Saw the Newspaper

The moment you see your face in a newspaper is one of the happiest experiences. Now, let’s imagine a twist. What if you are the front page news as a wanted convict?

It is a little challenging to picture oneself as a criminal, but I can help you. In the clip below, a youtube channel accomplishes an unusual prank in the airport. A crew member clicks a picture of an unknown individual. After that, the image gets spread over a magazine’s cover page. Then, a representative announces the person’s description. Finally, two gentlemen approach the scared soul with a silver briefcase.

However, to their surprise, they get a Nivea body spray for going through the ordeal. No doubt, it was a prank with the most exceptional execution. Yet I can’t help but feel so sad for the people going about misery and confusion. How would you react if you were in such a situation? Please don’t forget to comment on your opinions.

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