Choir and choral music have a fascinating history. It came into existence during the time if the ancient Greeks. Moreover, experts have found evidence of choirs as early as the 2nd century BC! Now that’s a long time.

The beauty of Choir is its flexibility. Many people think choirs only sing Christian hymns and traditional opera. However, choirs can adapt and sing to any music. The choir in the video sings a piece of classical opera music, Willian Tell Overture. But it’s not just any regular performance. Surprisingly, it has a twist no one would expect.

choir william tell overture

The Chamber Choir of Timpanogos High school starts off the concert in a pretty ordinary way. But pay attention to the girl near the middle. The crowd goes hysterical after she makes a loud, neighing sound. The act that follows will be the funniest choir performance you will ever see. Watch the whole act below:

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