Woman Faces Unspeakable Trauma As A Child. Grows Up To Develop 2500 Personalities

Having dissociative or multiple personalities is a complex psychological disorder that is triggered by a troublesome childhood. The traumatic experiences include physical, mental, and sexual torture, especially committed by family members. This article elaborates how an Australian woman named Jennifer Haynes had the worst father-daughter relationship. Since an early age, Jenniffer learned to deal with her hardships by developing 2,500 personalities as a coping mechanism. She endured eight years of rape, assault, torture, and she could never really forget the horrors of the past.

However, after 30 years of staying silent and disguising her immense misery, she decided to seek justice for herself. She found enough courage to directly look in her abuser’s eyes and publicly voiced her grievances in the court. The judge understood the sentiment and hardship of Haynes to seek justice and addressed the issue of child molestation and how this impact created during childhood cannot be forgotten. The court applauded her bravery, and she became a role model giving courage to other victims to share and talk about household violence which is usually kept hidden.

Jennifer knows her father’s time in prison will not bring back her childhood days. She went through a lot; she is determined to give the best childhood experience to her child. Richard Haynes could not look directly in the eyes of his daughter as guilt and embarrassment had made him shameful.

Initially, the sentence jail sentence for the sexual offender was 25 years, but the judge did justice to Jennifer. Furthur 20 years was added to the sentence. Now being happy with the verdict she feels free knowing her tormenter is bounded and constraint, she never has to think about it again. She has a brand new outlook on life with this newly found freedom.

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