Cop Dancing to ‘Git Up Challenge’ is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

When we see cops approaching us, fear might be the number one emotion we feel. We’ve never imagined them as a friendly human being. But, an angry man with a costume and a gun who tells us we have the right to remain silent. But our persona is going to change in 2 seconds after watching this video.

Meet Officer Charlie Kingery, an ordinary cop in uniform. But his moves is far from normal. After a “The Git Up Challenge” Kingery got summoned into, he changed into a fun 12-year-old boy losing his body.

After the video quickly went viral, he explained about his dancing skills as such:

“I grew up just enjoying dancing with friends and everything – and then my kids, one of the things we like to do is dance all the time in the kitchen.”

To those living in the cave or just didn’t care about stupid internet challenges, let me enlighten you about “The Git Up Challenge.” It’s a simple challenge asking their friends to make a video with them dancing in this famous country song.

Now, since you’ve all caught up the millennials, here’s our officer showing you a demo:

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