This mother races after time to save her baby as she is trapped inside a hot vehicle

The number of child deaths by being left in a hot vehicle reached record-breaking 53 in 2018. This is a terrifying thought, considering that it can be avoided easily. It is a plain fact that you shouldn’t leave your child alone inside a vehicle. However, parents unknowingly lock their children sometimes.

This is what happened with Christina Tufford. This mother closed her car door when she realized that she locked her keys as well. The most distressing part was that her 10-month-old daughter was also inside. The worried mother called OnStar, but since her account had expired, the company couldn’t unlock the car via satellite. Additionally, the air conditioner automatically turned off after 10 minutes. There could have severe consequences as temperatures inside the vehicle would also start rising.

baby in vehicle

The distraught mother then went on to call a tow truck. However, even after 10 minutes, the operator couldn’t get the windows to open. A police officer also tried smashing the windows with his baton. Finally, a good Samaritan managed to shatter the glass with a hammer freeing the little girl. The family decided to share the video to raise awareness amongst parents to be mindful of where they keep their keys. They also recommend keeping a window-smashing tool to reach in case of an emergency.

Watch the video of the scary situation below:

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