Life is very uncertain. You never know what you get next in your life.

The thing is, a person must always be aware of his situation and remain strong throughout the journey. This is one of the best things on the internet and nothing can change my mind. The mother who was baffled by DNA tests with her kids is in fact the biological mother of all her children but her DNA test was saying otherwise. She remembers giving birth to all her children quite well and the results only made her angry and sad.

For those who did not believe her, she even has pictures of them growing up in her arms. The woman called her obstetrician, Dr. Dreisbach who was there through all of her births. He promised to testify for her in court, but the problem was that no lawyer was willing to take her case. Especially when other DNA tests for the case returned the same result.

Lastly, after checking the DNA of her entire body, the DNA in her thyroid module matched all her kids. Watch the full video below!

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