Cesar Millan Takes Muzzle Off ‘Angry’ German Shepherd to Reveal His True Personality

It is not easy for an owner to control the activities of an angry pet. In fact, a pet can actually be a handful, especially one as large as a German shepherd. While they are known to be extremely loyal to and protective of their owners, they are also easily made into attack dogs.

However, Cesar Milan is a professional dog whisperer. This Mexican American man really speaks the language of the dogs. He knows exactly how to train and discipline a dog. Ovechkin is a handsome and extremely adorable German shepherd.

But, his owner had to go through a lot of hard times because of the dog’s uncontrollable aggression. When the owner brought Ovechkin to Milan, the dog was aggressive and needed to be muzzled. But Cesar took him back to his own house in order to train him. Since Ovechkin was no longer in his own territory, he was naturally less dominant.

When Cesar took the muzzle off of him, he was able to start training him. By the time he was finished, the dog was more disciplined and obedient than ever. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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