Lion Starts Chasing a Tiny Calf at Full Speed, Then He Goes on to Do Something Totally Surprising

Lions are fierce predators. They can shred their prey into pieces in a matter for seconds. They are known to hunt and capture other animals for survival. However, what the lion in the video below did has stirred up a storm in the online community.

When this young lion chased and got up close to a terrified young wildebeest calf, nobody could have predicted the outcome. The amazing rare footage shows a powerful young lion running after a clearly frightened prey. But once he reaches the tiny baby, he goes on to do something totally unexpected.

Instead of becoming the lion’s meal, the calf manages to get out of it alive. The reason behind it? The lion’s change of heart! He doesn’t attack the calf, but he rather shows tenderness and affection towards the little guy.

However, a lioness tries to hunt down the calf next. But the young lion goes on to do something even more unexpected. He fends off the lioness and protects the gnu calf.

The video is incredible watch. Here’s what some people online believed to have happened once the footage ended:

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