Mom Catches Toddler Teaching Her Dog How To Be Polite And Immediatly Starts Filming

Some moments in childhood can never be replaced. Filming fond memories only make the memories even sweeter. Nostalgia hits hard when you look at your old videos!

Thankfully, this mom caught her three-year-old trying to train both her pets. These pets were just as sincere and obedient. It is not every day that you get to see a pet dog willing to participate in anything a child makes it do. However, this is definitely not the case for Gauge and the gentle Goldendoodle.
toddler dogs

This pair loves to stay in discipline when Hadley trains them. These dogs are as attentive as attentive can be. The internet went crazy with this adorable video. These babies surely deserve all the love that they got from the mass.

In fact, this is one of the most wholesome videos you will find on the internet! Watch the full video below!

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