2-Year-Old Toddler Miraculously Survives In A Busy Street

Youtube is the ultimate home to all sorts of videos. Hence, once you begin watching, we end up way far from the search engine result and to a different world. One of them is close call clips where individuals enter life dangering situation. And come out alive with minor injuries.

Similar to this mind-boggling incident in Sichuan providence, southwest China. A toddler survives two car drive on a busy road. Initially, the footage covers a couple distracted by something when their child runs to the other end of the road.

Due to the heavy traffic, one side is waiting for the light to pass, while the other end has ongoing vehicles. The kid runs in the road, trying to make past the cars. However, the busy highway slows him down. So, he crouches down to crawl, to make it out safely.

In the meantime, two cars pass him without scratching the baby. The mother runs to catch the baby after witnessing the horrific situation. A few other bystanders make attempts to help the baby. Fortunately, the baby walks alive with minor injuries. It’s like watching a fictional story unfold in front of your eyes. Kindly check the video and share your thoughts in the feed.

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