Pastor’s Son Adorably Babbled His First Preach, Has The Entire Church Laughing Hysterically

It is beautiful to watch young children grow, doing amazing things. They observe, learn, pick up things from the environment and imitate things they see done by people close to them especially their loved ones. Hence, the reason why you see your child copying your behavior and doing things you do daily. So, you need to be very careful about the things say and do before your children. They are incredibly suggestible and impressionable.

Levi is the little boy seen in this video preaching to a listening audience in North Carolina. Little Levi, hops into the pulpit in his father’s local church shortly before the service and begin to lip-sync his father’s sermon and makes deliberate gestures in front of the crowd. Although he talks aren’t coherent, he clearly passes his message across with energetic movements.

He has got an irrepressible presence upstage that undoubtedly captivates the crowd’s attention and made them laugh. He is really passionate about his message and wouldn’t give up getting them to understand. He has got the zeal to become a preacher in the future. Levi’s first “sermon” was captured on video and posted online. The video is going viral and the little preacher is winning the hearts of millions.

Have you ever observed little children imitating their parents or older sibling?

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