700 Pounds Fat Dude Moves Around Naked, Vows He Will Just Eat Until He’s Dead

Today’s video is about the peril of the risky man and the struggle his family is facing caring for him. In the video, Casey King, 34, and unemployed perform only two activities daily – eat and play video games. He begins the video by vowing to eat to death. “A normal day for me is to wake up around 12, figure out something I am going to eat immediately, [and then] TV, video games, bed. It’s not a lot of activity. I will just eat until I’m dead.”

Casey who lives with his father, Danny, sits on his bed all day and playing video games. He threw himself into the virtual reality world as a way of escaping from his obsess reality. He feels comfortable in the gaming world because no one sees me nor judge him on his physical appearance. In this video, he sits and moves around naked. His clothes are not fit anymore. He just shut the doors and lives his life within the confine of his father’s house.

His obesity further skyrockets as his father stuff him with a daily menu featuring only fast food – in large quantities. He has got so many folds and flaps that he literarily has to lift up literal pieces of skin to have a clean bath. His father, Danny, old, tired, and frustrated is obligated to wait on him all day.

How on earth did he allow himself to get this big? Just take a look at how his stomach sac hangs so low that his crotch does not need to be screened out.

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