Little Girl Begs Massive Ship To Honk, Then Regrets Her Decision Instantly

Little Vilma was out in Varberg port, Sweden with her dad Tobias Hansson when she decided to try and get a ship to honk at her. Vilma obviously didn’t know that ship’s horns are designed to travel long distances, allowing ships to communicate with each other while out at sea. She just wants to hear it. 

In the video, Vilma is seen tooting on a horn continuously, in anticipation of something exciting happening. But no matter how much she gave the “honk” sign, the captain didn’t seem to care. Finally, the ship passed by, and Vilma’s dad had to explain to her that the captain probably couldn’t hear her.  

But a few seconds later, with Vilma still watching, the massive vessel gives a loud honk, and Vilma is shocked by the sound. The reaction is absolutely priceless and will leave you in stitches.

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