This Little Boy Has Never Met Twins Before. His First Impression is Hilarious!

Babies have it rough. Everything is new for the poor little guys and even if their parents do everything for them, they still need time to adjust themselves in this big world. Even meeting your siblings can be a tough job. We have seen innumerable clips of babies meeting other babies for the first time on the internet before, but this video below just steals the spotlight!

The adorable little toddler featured in this video is called Landon. Landon’s parents decided to surprise him by putting two twin baby girls on either side of him. The toddler is meeting twins for the very first time in his life and the look on his face is hilarious. He seems really confused by the whole thing and it is comical to watch!


Watch this heart-melting clip below! Did this little boy bring a smile to your face? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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