This Gut-wrenching Video Shows Newborn baby abandoned in sewer and found by stray dog fights for her life

We are taught from birth, with baby dolls and play stoves, that we want children, a boyfriend, a husband, intimacy, and all of that – when in reality, many women do not want any of that. They want to travel, create, invent, fight, scale mountains, swim with dolphins, and simply BE.

This could be one of the reasons why mothers who have unwanted pregnancies abandon their children. But, whatever the case may be, you cannot treat an innocent life in this manner. You have no right to make such harsh decisions, even if they came out of your womb. However, as societal conflicts grew, many mothers adopted this way in a hope that someone more capable will find their babies.

Caught on cam_ Stray

There is currently no policy to protect abandoned children in Kaithal, India, as evidenced by the surveillance footage shown below. It appears that the woman carrying what appears to be a small plastic package is making her way toward a drain. The woman walked away after tossing the package down the drain.

When authorities opened the package, they found a newborn baby girl inside. The sound of the baby crying drew the attention of a few stray dogs in the neighborhood. They ended up being the story’s unlikely heroes, rescuing the baby from the drain while barking for help.

Principal medical officer Dineh Kansal told The Times of India  states: “We decided to keep her under observation as transit could be life-threatening for her.”

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