Woman’s Effort To Rescue “Leftover” Foals Sheds Light On Dark Side Of Racing

Sometimes, the media sugarcoat some situations so well that we hardly can differentiate the good from the bad. Similar is the story of the hidden issue of the dying Corrals. And a woman has dedicated her life in order to save them.

The industry of sports has been making quite the sum of money with racing. However, the shiny glitz and cheerful support of the crowd hides a scary truth. The thoroughbred mechanism for racing purposes leaves many corrals behind.

Victoria Goss, an activist and founder of Last Chance Corral, has worked really hard to save the young ones. Behind the barn doors, the innocent foals are used as a nuisance. They are born out of the need for milking of the mares. The nutrition is then passed on to the thoroughbred.

The little ones go hungry, and many end up dying sooner or later due to malnourishment. Victoria has been taking on this journey from the age of 12. She takes in stragglers and keeps them healthy. The incredible work by Victoria and her crew is shown in brief details. We all get to witness the excellent work they do to save young lives.

Please press play and enjoy these fantastic deeds from the team. She is the beacon of hope that is continually preserving anima lives.

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