Parents Take Their Toddler to the Zoo, and Then Left Surprised by Their Toddler Playing With Gorilla

There are a lot of differences between a human baby and an animal baby. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t click together at all. Some things are still common between them. For example, they both love to play nonstop! And when they unite together, they melt the hearts of everyone who is watching them!

The video given below features one such moment. When these parents took their son to the Columbus Zoo for a day out, they weren’t expecting to capture something so adorable on their camera. Nor were the other spectators hoping to see anything this cute! Their little toddler became instant friends with a baby gorilla, and what follows next is absolutely precious!

Watch these new friends in the video below! Adorable right? Let us know your thoughts about this cute video in the comments!

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