A Viral Tiktok Video Shows a Sea Ray Appear to ‘laugh’ While Being Tickled, but an Expert Says It Was ‘suffocating’

Humans and animals have vast disparities, although we share the same living space. Every creature has its mechanism of surviving on this planet. Undoubtedly it’s a no-brainer. We, humans, tend to forget the differences that exist and humanize everything around us.

A recent post that went viral on social media seems to be a testimony of our ignorance. In the clip featuring below, a fisherman tickles a stingray. The flatfish that has been out of water for god knows how long lets out a reaction that looks similar to laughing or smiling. After the post went viral, experts weigh in the matter and revealed a dark truth. World Animal Protection, US program director Ben Williamson told the Insider that,

“The fish in the video is not smiling. The creature is clearly suffocating to death. Like mammals and birds, fish also can feel pain. Anatomically, physiologically, and biologically, the system is similar to other animals.”  

Tickling stingray

Stingrays breathe from their gills, which help them collect oxygen from water. The gills on a flatfish are located on the underside of the body, below the mouth and nostrils. What looks like eyes in the video are, Stingray’s nostrils. Without water, these creatures’ fate is decided. Depending on how long they are out of the water and the stress they go under, it can be a harrowing experience for the fish.

So, please let these creatures live out in the ocean away from any human interference.

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