This Baby Was Comforting the Dog During Thunderstorm But Didn’t Realize He Was Being Recorded

Whenever it rained, my dog would dash underneath the bed and hide there. She could not stand them. Having a frightened dog on a rainy day is not out of the ordinary for many people. Pets frequently have a natural fear of thunderstorms. However, what we can most likely rely on is for our animals to be able to count on us at those times.

As dogs have a higher sense of hearing than us humans, it’s more scary and loud when thunder roars. Due to this reason, they have trouble keeping calm in such situations. Plus, they want us to be there to comfort them and be their protector. And that’s exactly this toddler did.

thunderstorm baby comforts doggo

Akki uploaded this heartwarming gesture to Twitter, describing it as “the best thing you’ll see today.” And it’s correct! It’s a nice reminder that being kind is our default mode. This little kid is a good example of the compassion we should feel for our fellow animals.

Watch the full video here: