Sassy Bulldog Throws Tantrum When He Doesn’t Get His Way

Dogs also have a strong tendency to throw tantrums when they are required to do something they dislike. It’s like a toddler’s tantrum—with poo. There are adorable videos on the internet of a doggo throwing their sassiest tantrum like this bulldog.

Reuben is a Bulldog who always takes control, and has always had his way. Being irresistibly cute is something he’s inherited – so far, his family is powerless to resist to his demands.


They were told, that they would have to spend a lot of time caring for and playing with the dog, day and night. The family soon discovered how correct it was. Reuben’s family was quite content to give him all the love and care he required. They wanted to make sure they got time to relax and unwind, of course.

But in this particular video, the dog was not having it when his daddy was sleeping alone in the couch. Watch the full video here:

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