Three Dogs In The Mountains Refused To Be Rescued Until This Woman Comes

In our experience, most animal lovers have had a couple of occasions where they helped to rescue a dog in need. But knowing that animals need help, how far are we willing to go?

To help rescue these dogs abandoned on a mountain of Angeles National Forest, Veronica Shea demonstrated she would go to any lengths. Shea encountered three Cane Corsos as she was hiking with her dog. She saw a black shadow scramble up the mountain. It was when Shea took a closer look she realized the shadow was of an abandoned dog asking for her help.

So, she followed the black dog and went to its secret base, where she saw two other black dogs. The Cane Corsos, who were all significantly malnourished, had virtually no body fat on them. The woman gave them a snack and attempted to lure them into her car, but they weren’t duped. When she attempted to get near them, they were frightened and would flee. She refused to leave them to die in the middle of nowhere. But knew they wouldn’t give in so easily.

So she left them with some food and decided to try it the next day. Back home, shea called the animal control but rather than coming to rescue, they shut her down with “the Terran is too dangerous and to stop calling us.” But shea didn’t give up on the dogs.

The next day, she brought supplies and food with her. Even her father accompanied her. He named them “Gracie, Steve, and George” serially. Shea went back to feeding the dogs in the mountains each day and gaining their trust. It took the dogs an entire month to accept her, and only after that did they start eating straight from her hands. But even with this much trust, they refused to let her near them or catch them.

The weather took a turn in the middle of the journey. Shea was able to find a few volunteers who created makeshift shelters for the dogs to protect them from the cold. But the best news was yet to follow. Watch her entire rescue mission here:

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