This is the Reasons Why Dogs Circle Before Going To The Bathroom

When I tell my dog that it’s time for a walk, they jump out of their seat and do a little happy spin around. It has a reasonable explanation.  But I’ve always wondered why they’d circle just before dropping their deuce. Are they happy about it? Or an involuntary action?

So I set out to do some research to figure out what was going on. And here are my findings:

Earth’s Magnetic Field
dog magnetic field

A study suggests that dogs can actually detect the magnetic field. It might be involuntary actions or just like their heightened smell, taste, and hearing capability, your little pooch might have the ability to sense the magnetic field.

According to journal Frontiers in ZoologyDogs preferred to excrete with the body being aligned along the North–South axis under calm MF conditions

Marking their Territory

Marking their Territory

We all know that dogs are fiercely protective of their belongings. They will make a mark on anything and everything that is theirs. If it’s food, they’ll keep it hidden in their den. If it’s a loved one, they’ll leave their scent on it.  And if it’s their potty area, they’ll mark them with their own excrete.

And the number 8 they make on their way to the toilet is them trying to figure out where they last poop.

Personal Hygiene

Even though they will poop where they last poop, they require a clean environment. If there is any tall grass, they will stomp on it to flatten it. Also, scare away any bugs or insects that may be hiding behind the bush.

Get Things Moving

dog's anatomy

They, like humans, need to get their bowel movements in order before pooping. They will prepare their intestine for a potty time by walking in a circle. Their circles will assist them in stimulating the process.

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