Security Footage Of Office Break-In Reveals Surprising Culprit

When you think of criminals and culprits breaking into some private property, an animal is definitely not someone who think of.

The Colorado office of Argonics Inc., an engineering firm, had its glass front doors smashed on Monday morning when workers came for the workweek. There was an initial assumption that burglars had broken into their workplace. However, a search of the workplace turned up no signs of theft.

But when they looked into the security footage, they were shocked to see a goat as the culprit. The male goat was so aggressive that it broke into an office and left everything in chaos. The whole scenario after the male goat broke in was completely chaotic and the people inside were left in shock.

What could be more surprising for a person? The animal kept butting the glass doors until they broke. We don’t know where all the anger in him came from but we were surely very terrified.  Well, this is something that will leave a lot of people in shock. Watch the full video below!

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