Hero Dog Protects Unsuspecting Owner From Terrifying Threat Under His Feet

Dogs are a man’s best friend. The statement has come to life over and over again, and here’s a video that proves it.

Thanks to the internet, we get to witness all of these outstanding bonds between humans and canines. These trustworthy companions don’t live our site even during danger befalls upon us. The clip below is just another example.

The Gold Coast is one of the premier holiday destinations in Australia. It’s famous for the long sandy beaches, which are the perfect spot for surfing. Apart from the scenery, the place is known for the presence of thriving wildlife. From Kangaroos to venomous snakes, they have it all.

So much so, these sneaky replies can sneak up in your garden. A man was enjoying his Sunday afternoon surfing on his phone. When a lethal eastern brown snake crept towards him from behind. He had no clue as he was busy on his phone.

Thankfully his pet began chasing the snake, alerting the owner at once. Snake bites are a leading cause of death in Australia. The man escapes a deadly crisis for sure. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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