Man Rescues Thirsty Koala Never Anticipating This Heartwarming ‘Thank You’ In Return

Koalas, the selfie animals are undeniably one of the most cutest beings on earth. Residing in Australia these creatures don’t drink much water. They get the moisture they need from the eucalyptus leaves.

Thirsty koala holds the hand of a stranger as he drinks water from a bottle.

In 2018 December, Australia reported one of the hottest months ever. Hence the month of January had an exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit daily. Due to the scorching heat, the plants dry up leaving the wild animals in peril.


Even the health officials advise the residents to stay indoors, but the animals in the wild don’t have the luxury to stay inside during bad weather. The video captured below exemplifies how bad it can get even for the Koalas.

Husband and wife come across a parched Koala and decide to feed some water.

The couple was out and about when they came across a thirsty animal. Please press play and enjoy the kindness of the rescuers.

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