Prank Gone Wrong:Mixed Reactions on ‘Invisible’ Child Freaking Out as Family Laughs off

Sometimes family can go overboard with their pranks. Children are mainly the victims of such practical jokes as they get scared very easily. One of the best ways to fool children is by acting invisible. In this video, talented actors of the family pull off the prank. The family of the young girl convinces her that has indeed become invisible, and her reactions are priceless.

The family acts all surprised after the girl reveals herself from behind the curtain. With comments like, ‘How on earth did you do that?’ the girl is petrified and confused about what may have happened to her. Her doubt is confirmed when everyone starts looking for her. The family acts like they are looking for her everywhere. Her mom gives an exceptional performance when she asks are you in here? And when the daughter approaches her, she screams “Oh my god!” and runs away.

The girl loses her chill after she discovers that she is invisible in the picture. This perfectly executed plan resulted in her screaming and shouting. The family now feels that the joke has gone too far and they start embracing saying it’s alright. The girl’s confusion about her ‘non-existence’ is slowly clarified.

Although the family didn’t expect to fall for this as brilliantly, she gave precisely the reactions they were hoping. Scaring the little ones is the favorite pass-time of adults by making them experience the worst nightmare which they can’t even imagine.

WATCH this video below:

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