Woman Throws Tantrums And Threatens To Call Cops, Claims Someone Else’s Car As Hers

There have been instances where we have claimed something to be ours only to find out that we were mistaken. These mistakes are mostly by accident and not intentional, but sometimes people get humiliated by the act that they choose to stand by it. There are also chances where people do it on purpose to steal other people’s properties. Or maybe they are just plain crazy and want to cause a scene to get attention. Here in this video, an incident with an unknown woman who insists that a car is hers, angrily yells at the true owners and forced them to get out of the car.

The clip was filmed and posted by the man seated at the passenger side of the car. He recounts the incident saying that he was with his friend checking out the 15″ display on her new Model 3 Tesla. Then the woman suddenly removed the charging plug of the car—they thought she was the power meter person-in-charge. But then his friend opened the door and the woman said, “This is my car”. When they specifically said that it was not hers, the woman began to raise her voice.

She was seen holding an umbrella and demanded that they plug the car in. She says that the car, which appears to be gray, is hers and insisted that it was a blue car. After being hysterical she then turns around and leaves throwing the umbrella to the ground and tells them that she’s going to call the police on them. We clearly don’t know if the woman was mentally deranged or was just doing a crazy prank. The man said the encounter was short but pretty intense and reported that campus security later apprehended the said woman.

Watch the crazy encounter with the woman below:

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