Man Was Relaxing In A Camping Chair, Then A Huge Brown Bear Decides To Sit Next To Him

Witnessing nature from up-close is a great experience. Nature is a miraculous thing and to be a part of it is a feeling one cannot really describe. There are many breathtaking natural phenomena that happen all around the world – from birds migrating from one part of the planet to another, to trees withering down & fully blooming up once again. You can observe one of these natural phenomena at Alaska’s McNeil River State Game Sanctuary. Every year, the sanctuary sees the gathering of brown bears at the river.

The brown bears travel there every single year between June and August for salmon. Spectators are allowed to observe them from far away. They are not allowed to go near, but they can take photographs. Recently, Drew Hamilton went to the sanctuary to get a chance to witness this exciting event first hand. To his surprise, he ended up getting more than he had bargained for when a brown bear came right up to his chair. The big animal sat next to Hamilton as he admired the view in front of him!

The bear just sat there and relaxed for a bit. He even let out a yawn! Hamilton could do nothing but stare in disbelief. He managed to record the extraordinary encounter and then posted it on social media for us all to see. He did get a little scared when the bear was about to leave, but there was no harm was done. Wait till you see this for yourself! You are going to be stunned!

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