Porch piracy has become a common problem for many people. One cannot make a purchase without always saving their package from theft.

However, Jaireme Barrow, from Tacoma, Washington has the perfect revenge idea for these thieves. When he saw porch pirates steal expensive Jeep parts from his porch, he decided to stop them with a booby trap. This booby trap is meant to chase away the thieves and keep them away at all times. After setting the trap, Barrow got to have the last laugh while watching the thieves run on his security camera.


He even made profits out of his booby trap business, TheBlankBox. Barrow, whatsoever, suggests that state law might want the homeowners to set a no trespassing sign first. If the thieves trespass despite the sign, they are in for a nasty treat with all legal permissions.

Barrow’s idea is just brilliant and safe for all the people who have been the victim of porch piracy. Watch the full video below!

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