Seal Pups Strangled By Plastic Netting Until An Unexpected Savior Steps In

There is no doubt that human beings have polluted the earth in the worst way possible. The planet is dying, and so are the creatures living in it. And the most harm we’ve done is to the sea animals. Almost every sea animals and plants are now endangered. And we have less than a decade to try to save the earth from destruction.

We might think, as an individual, what can I do so big that it’ll help save the entire planet. But you should know that change starts at a smaller level. Tiny steps are what makes more significant differences. And this man saving baby seals trapped in nets prove the point to the core.

man rescuing seal

Schalk Louw, a kayaker in Namibia goes around freeing baby seals that are trapped in netting. He carries his particular cutting device and scissors just in case. And every time he sees a seal or any other animal stuck in a human-made mess, he goes on to help them. He also has a particular net designed to make catching seals easier. And he goes around the beach and the water trying to make sure that these creatures can breathe and walk around freely.

At first glance, you might think Louw is about to hurt these animals. But to save them, he has to apply some force because of the strength they possess. It is a difficult task, no doubt. This is the least he can do to save these mammals who are suffering for what we’ve done to them.

WATCH the heartwarming video of how he rescues the baby seals and set them free.

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