Two Men With A Chocolate Cake Pull Off A Hilarious Prank On Strangers

With so much competition and workload building up every day, our routines tend to get monotonous. We get fatigued and our mind loses its creativity. Thus, a break is always necessary and what better way to refresh ourselves than sharing a fun moment with others? A good laugh? Guaranteed. Stress? Relieved. Hotel? Trivago!

The following video is by JStuStudios as they try to prank strangers by dropping a cake on them. But here’s the catch— the cake is made of plastic! But no one needs to know that! Most people were drooling at the delicious looking cake as the prankster approaches them. But as soon as he loses his balance and drops it, people start screaming. Seems like cakes only look good on plates and not as a part of someone’s outfit!

Our favorite reaction was by a man in a black shirt. His sense of humor and laidback attitude has left everyone in the comment section in giggles. He even ends up blowing a kiss towards the cake!

WATCH the video below to witness everyone’s reactions ranging from high pitched screaming to straight-up punching the cake!

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