Son Ditches Soccer Time With Dad And Runs After Two Beautiful Girls Instead!

Sometimes kids are way smarter than adults. They know what they want and they’ll do anything to get it! Moreover, because kids are so pure-hearted, they don’t care what others think or say. Wish all of us could do the same, right? Well, the kid in this video is about to teach us a lesson or two on chasing your dreams!

The following video features a dandy 1-year-old boy who is happily playing soccer while his dad records him. However, he stops kicking the ball after a few moments. His dad even recites, “Ready, set go”. But the little one seems distracted. Just then the camera captures two female sprinters running past the boy and he starts following them. Seems like the kid changed career mid-stride from soccer player to sprinter!

WATCH the tiny ladies man chasing the girls below. Attaboy has his priorities set! His dad just can’t stop laughing…

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