Teen With a Unique Voice Sings the National Anthem. But Pay Attention to What He is Wearing!

When you think of a football player, you might think of a stereotypical jock like in the movies. They are tall, muscular boys who are only interested in sports and the ladies. However, you have to realize that jocks can be multitalented and have lives that involve other things.

15-year-old Sam Keith from Bolton, Massachusetts, is a football player. However, he is also a singer and an actor. The high schooler has been involved in a lot of musicals like Les Miserables and Footloose. But it is this distinct performance that made the youth a viral sensation.

sam keith singer

Sam has pulled away from his warm-up session during his high school football game. But it isn’t because he is in trouble for anything! The teen in his team’s uniform takes off his helmet and starts to perform the national anthem. But it is his unique voice that makes this performance of “Star-Spangled Banner” so incredible. Furthermore, you can see how in awe everyone in the stadium is. And he gets the cheer he deserves in the end. Watch the gifted students performance below:

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