Clouds Appear to Reveal the Face of Jesus

When you look up at the sky, what do you think about it? Do you ponder about how small we humans are compared to the massive clouds above? Or do you wonder where the earth might meet the heavens? Well, when these lucky people took a look above, they were blessed to see the Lord himself!

I believe that the Lord comes in your life in many different ways. Sometimes he may appear as a helping hand in a time of need. At other times, he may look in objects as a sign to keep going on. But I think the most fantastic thing is when God comes to you in the form of mother nature. And if you have Jesus in your heart, you might see him in these interesting cloud formations.

Although this Texan man didn’t see the face of Jesus Christ, he did see a divine sign in the clouds. Luckily, he had his phone right there with him to capture the stunning moment. Danny Ferraro was driving down Highway 105, Montgomery, with his wife when he saw a unique cloud formation. The clouds resembled a glowing angel in the sky. Danny says that it was a moment he can never forget, a message of hope from above. Watch his full story of the viral image below:

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