Teen Claims She Has ‘Proof’ That Eminem Is Her Father

The Dr. Phil Show is probably one of the most interesting shows on earth. It tells some really compelling stories about real people. But what’s more strange than the stories is how utterly amusing and delusional the guests are. On top of that, you have the ever-charming charismatic and sarcastic Dr. Phil.

In this episode, a teenager claims that rapper Eminem is her father. And Dr. Phil along with her mother and sister tries to get Haley out of her delusion. Haley believes that the Detroit rapper is her father and tells Dr. Phil that she has pictures to prove it.

eminem is my father-teenager

The sister and mother, on the other hand, keep telling her that it’s not true. The person who she calls Eminem is actually a different person and also a family member. But the delusional teenager isn’t ready to take in the truth. In fact, she keeps repeating that he is her father, denying everything everyone else says.

The truth is Eminem has a daughter named Haley, which might be the reason why she thinks she is his daughter. But when Dr. Phil asks her why she thinks so, she keeps changing her answer.

WATCH the hilariously delusional video below.

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