This Angry Groom Surprised Wedding Guests By Taking Revenge On His Bride


Since childhood, every girl has wished for the perfect wedding. The perfect venue, flowers, cake, and, to top it all off, the perfect groom. This is the day we’ve been looking forward to since we were kids, and we’d be devastated if something went wrong. Which this particular bride has firsthand experience of.

Graham’s Norton show featured the story we’re about to uncover. During the break, when all of the celebrities are relaxing, Graham opens the stage to audience storytellers. That’s when Sean McInerney, one of the wedding guests, came forward and told the story.

He states, “‘In regards to the bride and groom it was crazy, it was in front of all their family and friends. Everyone was in shock and I felt mega awkward as I didn’t really know any of them. I was there as a guest with my ex. We all left pretty quickly after the reception.”

Here’s his full interview:

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