Rude Daycare Worker Yanks Little Girl’s Hair. Laughs It Off With Person Filming It

Daycare employees are responsible for ensuring the safety and welfare of the children in the absence of parents. The Child Care Workers should have a patient and attentive attitude towards the children. However, in the video, we can see how this harsh caretaker forces the girl to eat and breaks her trust as a trusty guardian in the absence of her parents.

It all started with a young girl refusing to eat during the daycare’s snacktime. So, to solve the “problem,” the staff forces the girl to eat by viciously pulling her hair. What’s even disturbing is the one capturing the incident is laughing hysterically. None of the faculty seem to have a sense of remorse against this act of cruelty done to a little girl. Some have even wondered if it is the case of racism from the staffs.

Luckily, the video got viral on the 17th of January and spread like wildfire. The parents unaware of this mistreatment were devasted looking at the video. Laquita Wilson, the girl’s mother, is enraged as she always is exceptionally protective of her four-year-old.

After this traumatizing incident, the mother refuses to enroll her baby girl in daycare. She is fighting for her baby as there should be legal charges against the guilty employee. This little girl does not deserve the abusive treatment, and she needs to get justice in court. Watch the video below:

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