Neglected Dog Enters Home For The First Time, Cannot Stop Drinking Toilet Water!

Day and night, we come across stories of animals who have been abandoned. Unfortunately, most of them have also been abused and tortured. Thankfully, that’s not the case with this 130-pound furball. Poor doggo never knew what’s a home and a family until a loving lady steps in and changes his life for the better.

Meet Cosmo, a shy Saint Bernard and former member of the Hearts United for Animals shelter in Nebraska. The reason behind his breeder leaving him is unknown. However, Cosmo was surprisingly very friendly and became popular among the staff. Soon, Jayne and her husband came across Cosmo’s profile and instantly fell in love with the gentle giant.

From New York, Jayne came all the way to Nebraska to adopt Cosmo. She effortlessly bonded with Cosmo as he began licking her face. The shelter manager was in tears seeing one of her cuddle buddies leave but she knew it was for the best.

As soon as Jayne and Cosmo reached their home, the latter met her two dogs, Poppy and Grendel. He also got to befriend their giant bunny. Moreover, he explored the house and chose the sofa as his favorite spot and the toilet water as his favorite drink! Jayne’s kids and husband were more than happy to see a new member to their already bustling family.

WATCH how Cosmo adapts himself to his forever home! Bless Jayne and her family for giving him the love he deserves.

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