Humans are born with consciousness, but our perspective is solely based on our outlook towards society. A child’s priorities and speculation of the surroundings vary significantly from a man who has served his nation.

Temperance Pattinson, five years of age, sits down with Simon Brown, a dedicated retired soldier, to discuss their life experiences. It’s staggering to witness such a light-hearted conversation between these contrasting life stories. At the same time, so much to learn from them.

During a rescue mission in 2006, Simon’s life took an abrupt turn. He was able to rescue six fellow soldiers. However, their car broke down right in the middle of the mission. As they made run for it, Simon was hit by a Sniper in his face. Even after 25 surgeries, the incident disfigures his facial structure and left him partially in one eye.

Tempy grew amid soldiers and war heroes. Hence, from the tender age of three, she has been volunteering to help the veterans. For instance, Tempy participated in charity triathlons. Her answer to why she is interested in helping the war heroes is ahead of her age. Please press play and enjoy one of the most heartwarming clips.

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