Teen works after school job for 2 years-He is finally able to buy his friend a wheelchair

Teenagers are the youths that will determine how the world is going to turn out. A teenager may be wrong in many ways, but some will even inspire adults to be better humans.

This story will do nothing but melt your heart in every way possible. This teen worked for 2 straight years every day after his school was over. The reason? He wanted to buy a good wheelchair for his beloved friend. The guy is very young to have this thought in him but he did.

Brandon and Tanner met one another when Brandon was in a manual wheelchair. Tanner was so impacted by Brandon’s presence in his life that he knew he should do something to show his love and appreciation for his friend. The good friend finally ended up getting a proper wheelchair even if it took two long years.

This is the best story I’ve seen on the internet. Watch the full video below!

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