Teacher Convinces Kindergartners He’s A Mermaid – The Questions That Follows Is Pure Gold

My daughter has always wanted to be a mermaid since she was a child. She was convinced that when she grew up, she could become a “mermaid” at a certain age. She imagined herself with a long, chubby tail covered in glittering scales. Pretends the floor is filled with water and she is gliding through it effortlessly.

As a parent, many of you will be able to relate. Joe Dombrowski, however, took this imagination to the next level. He was well aware that his class was obsessed with all things sea-related, and that they fantasized about being or seeing mermaids… So he decides to strike up a lighthearted conversation with them during their break time.
Teacher Convinces Kindergartners He's A Mermaid

He convinces everyone that he is a mermaid and allows for some questions. And the questions are both innocent and amusing. In the middle of their conversation, one of them asks, “Can we just throw water at you and you’ll turn into a mermaid?” Another fictitious boy inquires, “Did you see any Jellofish when you were a mermaid?”

Joe is well aware that his elder peers and the children’s parents will both laugh and criticize him “Kids need brain breaks.” he says. “Especially 5-year-olds! Chillllllllll. When I first posted this I had a fellow teacher (total negative Nancy, hater) in my district tell me it was “wrong to lie to children like this.” To which I replied with “Honey, I’ve watched you convince your own children that there’s a 6-foot tall walking, talking mouse who lives in a castle in Orlando, Florida. So… Are we done here?”

Whether it’s offensive or not, this is just too funny to watch. You can see the original video here:

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