Tap Dancing Trio Delivers Rousing Routine at World Tap Dance Championships

The International Dance Organization (IDO) held in Riesa, Germany, host World Tap Dance Championships, including more than 3000 dancers from 30 countries. However, a trio of girls astonished their audience. Both live in the act and the internet world.

The trio received their training in the Czech Republic. Oh, how they danced with a big smile and firm taps. They came out 7th from the bunch, and only places from 1 to 6 receive trophies. Needless to say, the team has opened many doors of opportunities.

They dressed in plaid skirts and black vests with a high ponytail tucked by a large pink bow. The lovely contestants walked in with head held high and enormous energy. As soon as the music is in the play, the girls start stomping their feet so fast that it’s hard to concentrate on whom to look.

The tremendous skills unfold with every other move they showcase for the crowd. Soon enough, the audiences begin to cheer for the entrants. People point out the choreography as “too easy.” Well, they reach to International dancing champion, and it never happens overnight.

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