They Wore a Giant Nose and Lined Up but It’s Their Foot That Caught Everyone’s Attention

Artists grow a different perspective to surrounding then they pour their vision into the work. All these efforts make any artwork a masterpiece, an abstract figure holding emotions of thousand stories in few strokes, dialogues, lyrics, many more.

A similar comparison is Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich’s “The Nose”. 

During the late 20s, Shostakovich wrote a sublime play on missing nose. In the story the main character, Protagonist Kovalyov Yakovlevich wakes up to find his nose missing. He then embarks on a bizarre journey trying to find it.

Dmitri turned  Nikolai Gogol’s small story into a show in Royal opera. In the recent production of the, we witness the nose multiplied into eight life-sized body-parts. As they showcase a talented tap dance.

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