Here’s Proof That You Can Be a Wildly Talented Dancer at Any Size

Don’t we all wish for healthy lifestyles? Changing diet and hitting the gym is basically the start point. But staying fit and in shape is easier said than done for some people—especially for those suffering from chronic disorders.

Take the TLC star, Whitney Thore, for example. In the last year alone, Whitney gained 90 kilograms due to a condition called PCOS ((poly-cystic ovarian syndrome). It is an endocrine disorder that results in hormonal imbalance. There a range of symptoms that can also vary in women suffering from PCOS, such as irregular menstruation or unpleasant and excessive hair growth are a few.

Many celebrities in the past have come forward and shared their struggle with POCS. Victoria Beckham, James Oliver’s wife, Jools Oliver are few. However, these women didn’t get excessive weight gain but disclosed their trouble getting pregnant. Whitney has her days when the pressure from society couples up with POCS. But she doesn’t let this disorder define her life. The US dancer has broken through the stereotypical walls. She enjoys looking after her body, just like everyone else. Rather than making it her weakness, Whitney uses the POCS as her motivation.

Please press play and enjoy this empowering clip.

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