Thousands Wait for Hours to Watch Breathtaking Run of 150 Horses

The video below shows a breathtaking event from Browning Montana. If you live around the area, I am sure you have heard of Tal Michael Memorial Running of the Horses. Each year in July, residents hold the memorial horse run in memory of fallen Native American cowboy Tal Michael, who died at the age of 21 in the year 2006.

These horses, rough stock for the rodeo, run on the streets to the rodeo arena and race track. Before the run cowboys and cowgirls pray as they are mounted on saddle horses, ready to try to control this herd through this small town on the way to Charging Home Stampede Park to kick off the Blackfeet North American Indian Days.

I can’t imagine how it would feel be to just a few feet away when that happens! It is quite a sight, isn’t it?

Many people have argued that this is not a good practice since the horses have to run through asphalt roads and they might end up getting injuries. Some people on the other hand think it is quite alright since it is only a short run.

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