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Prankster Immediately Regrets Putting Wife’s Makeup Brushes in the Dishwasher

dad interrupting news

Dad Hilariously Interrupts Newscaster’s Report From Home


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buster keaton

This Was the Funniest Tv Show in the 1950s. This Comedic Piece Gets Me Every Time

canadian ice hysterics

This Woman Keeps Slipping on Ice, but Pay Attention to the Sound That Comes Right After

woman screaming

Tesco Worker Has Meltdown in Hilarious Rant About Stupid Questions Customers Ask


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Man Changes the Lyrics to ‘Dancing Queen’ and Has Internet Cracking Up Over His Version

farting mayor

Texas Mayor Holding Press Conference Forgets to Mute Mic When Taking Toilet Break

kid sells beer

This Little Kid Was Selling Beer in the Middle of the Streets His Reason is Unusual When Confronted


She’s Trying to Climb That Ladder…But When Her Husband Joined in, the Crowd Loses It

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