Man Changes the Lyrics to ‘Dancing Queen’ and Has Internet Cracking Up Over His Version

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard all around the world and we are stuck at home. Since we don’t have any work, we look for ways to entertain ourselves. But the man in the video gets extremely bored and invites unusual hobbies to maintain his sanity. He is losing his mind and decides to make this comedic video.

So, he changes the words to the famous song by Abba, ‘Dancing Queen,’ and his version is too good to be true. He sings the whole track making a gimmick of the current situation. It’s hilarious to see him even change the song’s name to ‘Quaranqueen.’ Wait till you hear his sing, ” I am the Quaranqueen. Lost my mind on day 17.” I can’t stop laughing. The man does a hilarious impersonation of a woman as well. He goes on to wrap a towel around his head and wears a full open bathrobe. But he only shows the upper half of his body. Is he even wearing pants underneath? Guess we will never know.

Furthermore, he talks about his existential crisis. We don’t need to dress up anymore. We just chill in our pajamas all day. And if you feel bored, just go crazy with videos such as these. The least we can do is entertain us and the world during this crisis. We can’t wait to see more of his quarantine fun activities. Until we get to live a normal life, let’s try to find silly things to do!

Watch this video down below:

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