It Was a Regular Day Training but, When the Coach Introduced, Everybody Miserably Failed

Passing a police officer test is not only about physical strength. You have to be emotionally intelligent, as well. Indiana University Police Academy uses a different method to hire new police officers. They use ‘Try Not To Laugh Chicken Test’ to examine fellow officers. The officers have to stay idle to check their focusing power.

As the officer tried the squeaky chicken in everyone’s face, most of them failed because of their uncontrollable laugh. The squeaky chicken is so funny that even I would have failed this hilarious test.

failed testBut you will be amazed watching few fellows focusing power. Many didn’t even squint their eyes listening to the funny chicken. But, some gave in to the humor. And, failing the test may result to some serious consequences. The gruesome plank punishment is waiting for them.

Try not to laugh while watching this epic video. And tell us if you succeeed.

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