Texas Mayor Holding Press Conference Forgets to Mute Mic When Taking Toilet Break

With lockdowns happening all over the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been working from home. This means that most of us are busy on our computers with our cameras and mics on full display of our surroundings. And some of your coworkers may have given you a peek of something they wouldn’t want you to know. But this Mayor’s mishap takes the cake!

Texas Mayor Dale Ross was part of an organized council meeting. If you know anything about these meetings, you know that the council sits up in a platform, an audience is also present. While the board was still in session, the Mayor excused himself and went for a bathroom break. But it turns to be so much more!

farting texas mayor

After the Mayor of Georgetown takes off, councilmember Rachael Jonrowe continues discussing the matter. Soon after, an unmistakable noise comes from the speaker! At first, nobody acknowledges it. It could be a mistake after all! But then it happens again louder, and it’s clear that its the Mayor in the bathroom who has forgotten to mute his mike. Moreover, the councilwoman can’t stop laughing and barely makes her speech. Now, this is a PSA for what not to do while working from home! Watch the hilarious video below:

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