Mom Can’t Stop Laughing When Her Kids Try To Use A Rotary Phone

“Okay, Boomer” was one of the most popular memes in 2019. But Millennials, Zen Ys, and Zen Zs often forget that the boomers are responsible for all the technologies we use today. But whenever we make our grandparents or parents use the latest technology, we burst out laughing for their lack of knowledge.

However, the case of this video is a little different. The universe has flipped for this kid. And what he would enjoy doing has landed upon him. A mom makes her teenage son use a rotary phone. And it is one of the hilarious things you’ll come across.

son tries rotary phone

The son tries so hard to dial his mother’s number on the rotary phone. And she can’t stop laughing at what he does. The son, no matter how hard he tries, can’t figure out the phone. And the mother, no matter what the son does, can’t stop hysterically laughing.

He even lets his sister try out. But both of them can’t figure it out. And the mother sits in the background laughing as hard as she could. He then takes out his phone, and the mother, still laughing, asks him if he’s going to goggle how to use a rotary phone.

WATCH the hilarious video below.

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